Kiley Dean

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My entire music career up to this point has been me trying to conform into where the world told me I belonged. Conforming into WHO the world told me I was and what I was worth. I NEVER added up.

I steered out of the spot light for the last 4 years after having my child. Then shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer……at this turning point in my life…..I was really able to put life into perspective after all of this happened, I wondered if I wanted to even try to do music again. Not looking the part or feeling the part……I picked up a pen and started writing my heart out. This is the raw peeled back exposed heart of Kiley Dean. A glimpse into The tenderness that Jesus has given me through all these life circumstances. I knew that I had something to say. Something that would help someone else when they listened. This time it wasn’t about ME! It was going to be about God and his goodness. The spotlight is on JESUS now.

When people listen to these songs, I want them to feel…..


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